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This is a shot of me some years ago . . ."back in the day". . . when I was scooting around Seattle on my 1966 Vespa SS 180.  After leaving the Northwest, I ended up in New York for college and grad school.  Now, when I'm not working as a media consultant or hanging out with my wife and kids, I find myself reminiscing a little bit about those times back in Seattle with my mod buddies, sporting groovy threads, spinning records, hitting the parties and jumping about town.




IT BEGAN years ago . . .

. . . the summer after my college freshman year.  i felt compelled to write down my memories from hanging around Seattle's late 80's scooter scene. later i  turned the story into WHAT BECAME my film school thesis screenplay.  At one point, when Visiting Seattle for the annual Vancouver scooter rally, my good pal Aaron Peterson and i (fueled by cold beer and lots of laughs) BEGAN BRAINSTORMING scenes for a new version of the screenplay.  Although never turned into a film, the story LATER became the foundation for a  NEW VERSION OF THE novel.  After what seemed like a hundred drafts (and much help from my wife Katharine), the  finished book finally emerged. This is just part one; stay tuned for future stories about Trevor, Andy and Lucy.

until then, i hope you enjoy
laddy groove!


"Once a mod, always a mod."

                      - Andy Delaurenti

My good friend and co-story writer Aaron Peterson.



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