Ever since moving to Seattle from LA, Trevor Burwen has wanted out: out of his dad's dingy suburban tract home; out of his soul-sucking job at an alternative music hall; out of the city that has let him down. It's 1990 and the cusp of the grunge explosion. But to Trevor, Seattle is still a cultural and social backwater.


When Trevor joins in with a gang of scooter hooligans, his grey-tinged life explodes into Technicolor-cool threads, music, mates and a vintage Vespa. He's got the mod look now--and the girls start paying attention. After multiple altercations, a wrecked Jag, a run-in with Swedish mobsters, his love life in the balance and a face that practically gets rearranged, Trevor learns two enduring life lessons. One, "the best scenes are the scenes that die." And two, "once a mod, always a mod."



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262 pages

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Fiction / Coming of Age

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